Quiz: So You’re Emperor of Rome, How Will You Be Assassinated?

Congratulations! You’ve been made Emperor of Rome.

You are now filthy rich, you control the largest and most sophisticated army in the world, and, if you play your cards right, you could become a god when you die. The trouble is that everyone around you also wants all those awesome things you have. Yes, everyone. Your friends, your wife, your mistresses, your bodyguards, your 10-year-old nephew – all of them are dreaming up creative ways to shuffle you off the mortal coil.

It’s not really a question of if you’ll get assassinated, but when and how you will get assassinated. Rather than living out the rest of your days anxiously awaiting a violent death, this quiz is here to relieve some of that existential dread. Answer a few easy questions and discover not only which Julio-Claudian Emperors you are, but more importantly how you will meet your grisly end. You’re welcome!

Click here to play!


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  1. Hmm, I’m Claudius … I have to try it again 😉


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